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Real talk. 

Designing a website to sum up my interests as a designer is rough.  I simultationously love diving deep into complex problems, while taking lots of little breaks along the way to explore my passions. 

My career can best be undestood as the former.  I love understanding and working with new technology on scifi problems, and I've chased that over the past decade.  From designing for outer space, to utilizing machine learning, to exploring the potential of AR & VR, I'm a sucker for unexplored areas of design they I can help pioneer.  I love collaborating on these giant meaty projects, and mentoring others as they discover these new fields.

But new technology is hard.  A huge quantity of what you try will be unsuccessful and it can be draining.  So on the side I take on projects that help me recharge.  Over the years all these little projects have created a map to all the people, places, and interests I hold close.

This site is meant to be a calling card, helping introduce anyone to what I've worked on and why.  If you'd like to learn more about my process or you're interested in collaborating don't hesitate to reach out.

Wanna collab? Hit me up